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What We Do

Here at Levitate, the goal is simple: we give your business the edge it needs to outshine the competition. To do so, we bring our expertise in three key areas to make your brand stand out from the rest. We work closely with our clients to develop eye-catching websites, produce high quality photo and video content for online engagements, and generate far-reaching genuine interest in your products and services.

Web Design and SEO

We design, build, and manage visually stunning websites and virtual services. Already have a website that's starting to look a little dusty? No problem at all - we will gladly take what you already have and raise it to the standard of today's industry pioneers. We combine cutting-edge technologies with the age-old principles of colour, typography and layout to capture your audience's attention and focus.

Social Media Marketing

There's no escaping social media in today's digital landscape, so why be left behind? We provide a premium social media management service that scales to businesses of any size. We empathise with the difficulty of keeping budding social media pages fuelled from experience. That's why we'd love to take the weight off your shoulders, so that you can focus on what matters: developing your core products and services.

Digital Content Creation

Photography and video both have the power to attract, inspire and engage. It's crucial for businesses fighting for their share in the market to distinguish themselves from others. Professionally crafted content separates the best from the rest. We excel at creating stunning content that highlights the selling points of your products and services. With proper management and expert curation, we single out your target audience to soar interest.

Meet The Team


A lover of all things technical, Alex has vast experience in producing rich customer-facing websites, dashboards, and interfaces that grab the audience's attention with both hands. If you can describe your vision, Alex can turn it into a reality.


With a strong background in strategic digital marketing, Kai brings with him a wealth of knowledge earnt from first-hand experience in the industry. In particular, Kai excels at helping other businesses achieve their own goals in their respective industries.


With a keen eye for detail and a passion for engaging visuals, Zack is on hand to provide expert advice on creating the perfect assets to showcase your business. Covering animation, motion graphics, photography and live video on platforms that will spark the interest of your customers every time they visit.

Our Philosophy

First and foremost in everything we produce is genuine passion towards our work. We love consistently beating expectations for every single business we work with, every single month. Our client-centric, feedback-driven approach is what allows us to continuously improve, refine, and adapt our services to each brand; after all, each and every brand is unique, and therefore requires a unique approach. We are dedicated to increasing the revenue and recognition of your business through our tailored services- you won't know what to do with all of the interest you have from new customers!

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